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The Family: Iris, Dolly, Jolene, Tao, Kobie & honorary family members Bexie & Poppy.



       Midlands & Northern RR Support and Rescue Trust  

Given the job I do, the number of unwanted dogs should never surprise me or the reasons that each is given up for adoption or that so many are found and yet never claimed. That far too many Rhodesian Ridgebacks find themselves in similar circumstance saddens me a great deal so when I was asked to become a Trustee of the Midland and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Welfare Trust I was both honoured and of course, delighted to accept. Aside from the various fund-raising events that will be held throughout the year, there are lots of simple ways anyone with even a passing interest in Ridgebacks can help: I'm guessing if you're looking at this page then this might apply to you! If I might re-direct you to the Trust's web-site and in particular the page entitled "How Can I Help the Charity", there are several small but easy ways you could make a difference. Please take a moment to look at this, your help will be most appreciated: